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Senior ideas -AP
YouTube - how many actors have done the t be or not to be speech?
Daily work 032317
AP practice 1
Today's Hamlet essay - some tips - actual assignment below
Hamlet essay #2 - madness 032117
Today's work - Hamlet soliloquy comparison essay - due 031517
Catch-22 essay
Catch-22 character study
Discussion board 022017
Classwork/homework 020817
Classwork/homework 020617
Literary term booklet
AP Literary Terms - from Bill Pell's AP Coursebook
The Kite Runner online full text
Daily work (sub day) 010417 - sorry I'm out, but we can do an online discussion
The Kite Runner Discussion 1 - Ethnicity and Power
Daily work 121916 - sub day
Pop quiz!
Summary - Act IV of Macbeth
HW 120116 Discussion board - translate excerpt from Macbeth
Daily work 112216
The Book Thief by Marcus Zuscak reading guides
Daily work 111616
Daily work 111516
HW - due 111516 - continue Book Thief through chpt 78
Due Thursday, Nov 10 read The Book Thief through chapter 68
The Book Thief Discussion chapters 48-58
Daily work, October 26 2016
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